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Unique Activities

Interdepartmental Activities

Interdepartmental Activities

We are promoting various academic activities through the Center for the Promotion of Integrated Sciences (CPIS).
Based on the educational philosophy of SOKENDAI, we are focusing on activities that aim to “Cultivate a wide vision and international competitiveness.”

Activities for Multidisciplinary Coordination in Education

Interdisciplinary Lectures (Domestic), (SOKENDAI Lectures until FY 2014)

The program aims to offer intensive courses in order to provide “education unique to SOKENDAI”, including interdisciplinary themes leading to development of new academic areas and solutions of important relevant issues faced by modern society, and themes for lectures preferable to be attended by students across specialty areas, as well as to provide support for education programs to improve the learning of integrated science for students of SOKENDAI with wide-ranging vision across specialty areas. The SOKENDAI also opens its educational programs to graduate students of other universities to communicate its education philosophy widely outside the University.

Student-Initiated Activities

Based on the education and research philosophy of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, with the aim to develop researchers with wide-ranging vision and practical problem-solving ability, we call for proposals for student-initiated and implemented interdisciplinary exchange projects, including seminars, workshops, and other projects.

Student Seminars

These seminars are organized by students. The seminar program is designed to enhance communication among new students, faculty members and organizing committees. To cultivate a]wider vision, we will strive for an understanding of various fields of rese[ar]ch through group discussions and workshops involving students from different departments and schools. In addition, a seminar for foreign students provides courses on Japanase culture, including courses on the Japanese language.

Programs for Multidisciplinary Coordination in Research

As part of the Programs for Multidisciplinary Coordination in Research, CPIS has launched several new initiatives and schemes to encourage creative and multidisciplinary research activities that greatly benefit from the institutional architecture of SOKENDAI, i.e., the close affiliation with leading national research institutions across Japan. The current initiatives and schemes take the form of either intra-university research grants or publication support funds.


Details of the Center for the Promotion of Integrated Sciences (CPIS)


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