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Interdepartmental Program


Interdepartmental Program

  It is our general education policy that the SOKENDAI fosters young researchers who have a broad perspective, high-level expertise, logicality and technique. At the same time, the university offers interschool/departmental education programs that meet new academic wishes and development.  

Comprehensive Subjects Program

This program, being open to any students, includes the courses that let students cultivate their self-initiative towards research and wide perspective of various field of study and those intensive courses that make a firm basis for high-level expertises of specialty.

Course List(FY2017)

Interdisciplinary Lectures / Freshman Course / Scientific Writing / Life Science & Society I, II / Science,Technology and SocietyI, II / Micro- and Macro-scopic BiologyI, II  

Course-by-Course Education Program to Cultivate Researchers in Physical Science with Broad Perspectives The Course-by-Course Education Program (hereafter called “the Program”) is provided jointly by the School of Physical Sciences and the School of High Energy Accelerator Science. It seeks to foster researchers in the field of physical sciences who are fully equipped with a high degree of professional qualities as well as broad perspective and international competence, in order to meet the needs of society. In the 1st and 2nd years of the 5-year doctoral course, the Program emphasizes general science education that featured the theme of “science and society”, and recommends students to take common subjects which are relevant to all departments. At the same time, the program offers its original subject, so called “Special Study on Physical Sciences”. In the 3rd to 5th years of the 5-years doctoral course, the program focuses on research work. During the dissertation phase, the student completes one of the four specific courses. The dissertation phase is designed to give researchers an international perspective by encouraging and supporting participation in internships and participation in international research conferences.

SOKENDAI Brain Science Joint Program SOKENDAI, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, is a university providing doctoral programs to foster first class researchers based in its affiliate Inter-University Research Institutes ( IURIs), pursuing cutting-edge researches. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in developing new academic disciplines by collaborating with a broad range of scientific fields. To implement this concept, we set up Brain Science Joint Program as a model case of the interdisciplinary education system initiated by Dept. Physiological Sciences and created a new curriculum for SOKENDAI students to learn extensive fields in Brain Science with the cooperation of other related Departments (Basic Biology, Genetics, Informatics, Statistical Science, Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems). All lectures are being delivered by Remote lecture system, which enables students to attend from the distant Departments. We cordially expect your active participation from various backgrounds.

Integrative Bioscience Education Program Extensive progress in genome science in the past century has yielded a huge amount of genomic information about a large variety of biological organisms. As a result, the post-genome stream in this century has brought about a number of post-genome projects, including a cyclopedic protein structure determination project (Proteins 3000), and produced new fields of science, such as proteomics, bioinformatics, and systemsbiology. To foster the development of young researchers who can contribute to the future of biology in connection with these recent developments, we need a new graduate program that promotes interdisciplinary and integrative views of biological processes, covering not only biological but also physical, mathematical, and information sciences. A new curriculum of Integrative Bioscience thus has been developed and implemented in this program, utilizing notable features of SOKENDAI: graduate school education at cutting-edge national research institutes in diverse fields.

Historical and Cultural Resource Management Education Program

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The historical and cultural resource management course provided by this program offers a curriculum with the aim of developing historical and cultural resource management capabilities required by researchers in both the Humanities and Sciences through lectures and exercises related to advanced historical and cultural resource studies such as methods for reading diverse historical and cultural resources, analysis using advanced scientific methods, recording and scientific preservation management of historical and cultural resource information, and research presentations using  historical and cultural resources.
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