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Unique Activities

Freshman Course

Freshman Course

The Freshman Course is an intensive course (4 days camp) for newly-enrolled students of SOKENDAI. This course has two objectives: (1) To acquire basic knowledge and skills required for all researchers; and, (2) To understand the SOKENDAI’s broad range of intellectual fields, and create a network beyond your research field. This course consists of four sections:Frontiers of knowledge, Student Seminar, Researchers and Society, and Communication Skills for Researchers (writing and presentation).

Frontiers of Knowledge

Frontiers of Knowledge aims at fostering a better understanding of a career path as a researcher, through a lecture given by a distinguished SOKENDAI graduate. The speaker, as an experienced researcher, shows how he/she has so far pursued their research and achieved their unique findings. The lecture helps you envision the goals in your SOKENDAI life, enrich your study, and start building your own career as a researcher.

Student Seminar 

Student Seminar aims at understanding the SOKENDAI’s broad range of intellectual fields, and creating a network beyond your research field. Through icebreaker activities as well as introductions of research fields, coordinated by current SOKENDAI students, the seminar encourages interactions and communications not only among freshmen but also with current students and professors.

Researchers and Society

In this section, students learn and discuss social responsibility of researchers through workshops and lectures. In particular, we cover important topics such as research integrity, historical changes in social roles and responsibilities of researchers, issues that could arise in communication between experts and non-experts. This section is consisted of three parts: Research Ethics, Social History of Research, and Science Communication.

Communication Skills for Researchers

Whether one is writing or speaking, as a researcher it is essential to clearly communicate one’s research. Therefore, this section aims to improve scientific writing and oral presentation skills. Through a lecture and editing workshop, we will first focus on how to compose scientific reports with a clear logical structure. Then, a lecture on presentation will cover such topics as reaching a wider audience and effectively receiving feedback.


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