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Application for Research Student

Application for Research Student

SOKENDAI may admit “Research Student” who wish to research on specific theme as so long as there is no hindrance to education of the University.


Qualification Having enough academic ability to research on the chosen specific theme
Necessary Documents 1.Application form for Research Student

2.Personal resume

3.Certificate of (expected) graduation

4.Personal research history

5.Research plan

6.Health certificate
*should be issued by medical doctor no earlier than three months prior to the application

7.Written consent by supervisor of work place
*needed only if applicant has a regular occupation
Admission Date  The first day of April / October in principal
*If you wish to enroll in the other month, please consult with the department.
Term of research The term must be less than one year, but it may be extend upon application before the end of term.
Application Date Please contact each department’s office.
Place to submit Each department’s office
Notice Please contact the prospective supervisor in advance before applying.

Necessary Fees

(As of 1st April, 2017)
Examination fee 9,800 yen
Admission fee 84,600 yen
Tuition fee 29,700 yen per month
*For methods of payment of the examination fee, please contact Educational Affairs Section.
*When the amount of the fees are revised after the application and/or during the term of research, new amount shall be applied.
*The tuition fee is collected in a lump sum in each of 1st and 2nd semester.
  • SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
  • Educational Affairs Section
  • TEL: 81-46-858-1582
  • Email:kyomu(at)


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