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General admission


General Admission

  General admission is the most basic type of entrance to SOKENDAI. It is available for all departments of SOKENDAI and open to every applicant, regardless of nationality or place of residence. Admissions are held twice a year, in April and October. All departments accept applications for the April and some for the October admissions. In either case, the entrance examination is held in Japan. It is highly recommended that you contact the department of your interest or an academic advisor with whom you wish to study regarding your eligibility and your research plan, prior to the submission of a formal application. Please contact the Student Affairs section for more details.  

Application Guidelines

The Application Guidelines(PDF) on this page are only for reference.Applicants are required to obtain a booklet of Application Guidelines to start the application procedure.Please contact us to ask for a booklet or any further information. [Point of Contact] Student Affairs Section,Division of Academic and Student Affairs SOKENDAI(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) E-mai:gakusei* Please replace * with @ to send an e-mail.

School of Cultural and Social Studies (Only in Japanese)

School of Physical Sciences (Only in Japanese)

Application Guidelines [October 2018/April 2019/October 2019]

About changes of selection methods (Department of Space Astronautical Science)

Special Scholarship for Department of Space Astronautical Science

Department of Space and Astronautical Science will supply a special scholarship as from October 2017, aiming to support excellent applicant students who will bear the future of space science.

Please see the details in the Application Requirements.


School of High Energy Accelerator Science (Only in Japanese)

Application Guidelines [October 2017/April 2018]

School of Multidisciplinary Sciences (Only in Japanese)

School of Life Science(Only in Japanese)

Application Guidelines [October 2018/April 2019/October 2019]

*Some of the application forms are downloadable from the link below. You can submit either the download version or the print version of the application forms. In case you submit the download version, It is necessary to print the documents.

*For other prescribed forms not listed above, please use the forms enclosed in the Application Guidelines (print version).

School of Advanced Sciences(Only in Japanese)

Application Guidelines [October 2017/April 2018/October 2018]



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