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MEXT Scholarship through the University (SOKENDAI) Recommendation

MEXT Scholarship through the University (SOKENDAI) Recommendation

MEXT offers scholarships to international students with outstanding academic records, based on the recommendation of universities in Japan. A MEXT scholarship application may be submitted through SOKENDAI for a special or general course.

Special course

In order to promote the recruitment of outstanding international students, MEXT offers universities with appealing, distinguished graduate education programs for international students a preferential allocation of MEXT scholarships. Programs approved by MEXT as appealing and academically distinguished are referred to as “International Priority Graduate Program (PGP).”

General course (available in all SOKENDAI departments)

All universities in Japan can recommend candidates for this general course. Each university recommends candidates for the general course, but may accept candidates as MEXT scholarship students only with MEXT approval. Every year, SOKENDAI selects four or five candidates out of all of its applicants to recommend to MEXT. MEXT generally approves only a few. For both special and general courses, the selection process (including schedules) is different for each department. For more details, please consult the departmental application guidelines by clicking on your preferred course.
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