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The Center for Educational Development (CED)

The Center for Educational Development (CED)

“Advanced specialties and expertise,” “Broad perspective,” and “International competitiveness” are the educational goals of SOKENDAI, and they are the essential competencies for excellent researchers. In order to achieve these goals, we believe that the University-wide education that enhances the quality as an excellent researcher is necessary, in addition to specialized education carried out in each department. The missions of the CED are: to implement and support the University-wide education programs and projects; and, to assist in evaluation and analysis of the educational activities. We contribute to develop researchers rooted in our philosophy.

◎Implement and provide support for the university-wide education program and projects

  • Plan and implement “SOKENDAI Freshman Course”
  • Plan and implement “SOKENDAI Students’ Seminar on Skills for Poster Presentation”
  • Design and provide support in improving the system of the university-wide education
  • Provide support in implementing “SOKENDAI Short-term Research Abroad and Long-term Internship Program”
  • Design and provide support in developing the international joint/double degree programs

◎Assist in evaluation and analysis of educational activities

  • Conduct surveys and analyze the implementation status of the university-wide and specialized education in each department
  • Conduct surveys and analyze students’ research performance
  • Assist in analysis and evaluation in preparation for the Certified Evaluation and Accreditation
  • Assist in analysis and evaluation in preparation for the MEXT’s National University Corporation Evaluation


Director (Executive Vice President of SOKENDAI)
Nagata, Takashi Ph.D.
Research interests: molecular science, physical chemistry
Associate Professor
Asaoka, Rin Ph.D.
Research interests: higher education, plant cell biology
Assistant Professor
Itoh, Machiko Ph.D.
Research interests: science communication
Assistant Professor
Uchikawa, Sayaka Ph.D.
Research interests: educational and applied anthropology
Assistant Professor
Komatsu, Mutsumi Ph.D.
Research interests: planetary science, science education
Specially appointed lecturer 
Sechrist, Jeremiah
Research interests: higher education


SOKENDAI Hayama Campus
Shonan Village, Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0193, Japan


Tokyo Branch (STB)
Campus Innovation Center 4F
3-3-6 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan




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