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About Recipients of SOKENDAI Scientist Award / SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award

SOKENDAI Scientist Award : Awarding Ceremony


  • Dr. NAKAMURA Shin
    Graduate in March 2001
    Department of Accelerator Science, School of Mathematical and Physical Science
    Professor, Chuo University (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

There were 6 applicants for SOKENDAI Scientist Award.
Led by document screening and the commission held, February 13, 2015 by the Committee of SOKENDAI Scientists Award, Dr. NAKANURA Shin is selected as the 1st winner.
This outcome was achieved by comprehensive evaluation of internationality, cross-disciplinary and sociality on his research.


Dr. NAKAMURA graduated the Doctoral Degree by SOKENDAI (the Graduate University for Advanced Studies), School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and holds PhD in Science.
He served as a researcher at Kyoto University Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), Niels Bohr Institute (Denmark), Center for Quantum Spacetime (Korea), Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (Korea), and Kyoto University Graduate School of Science. In 2013, he was appointed as Associate Professor at Nagoya University Graduate School of Science. He took his current position in April 2014. From October 2014, he served as a Visiting Professor at University of Tokyo Institute for Solid State Physics (until March 2015).
His research theme includes broad application of the superstring theory to physics. He is unique in his work to apply the so-called gauge/gravity duality, namely anti-de Sitter and conformal field theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence, where the former describes gravity and the latter elementary particles, to various kinds of unsettled physical issues. Particularly, he is successful in giving new insights to quark hadron physics and non-equilibrium statistical physics through the AdS/CFT correspondence. He thus opened up a new field in his own way on the basis of his academic carrier striding across a number of research fields and studying at a variety of major institutions. His research achievement gave a high impact to multiple academic fields.

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Award ceremony on April 6, 2015 was held with Entrance Ceremony.
Dr. NAKAMURA received the certificate and extra prize from President OKADA.
After the ceremony, he gave a lecture on the content of his research and carrier pass to a researcher. Vigorous question-and-answer session went by the freshmen which made the lecture a success.


SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award : Awarding Ceremony

We held a ceremony of SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award to April 6, 2015.



List of recipients

  • HWANG Yu
    Department of Japanese Literature, School of Cultural and Social Studies
    ”Chinese classics acceptance and the translation of Tsurezuregusa – for the creation of originality in literature”
  • SIMAKAWA Rizumu
    Department of Astronomical Science, School of Physical Sciences
    “Environmental effects on galaxy formation: When and how did spiral and elliptical galaxies diverge?”
  • NAKAZAWA Shingo
    Department of Genetics, School of Life Science
    “To elucidate activity-dependent mechanisms of neuronal circuit development in neonatal mouse barrel cortex”

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