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About Recipients of the 2nd SOKENDAI Scientist Award / the 2nd SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award


The 2nd SOKENDAI Scientist Award : Awarding Ceremony

The 2nd SOKENDAI Scientist Award Recipient

  • Dr. SHIMAMURA Ippei (Graduated PhD at Department of Regional Studies, School of Cultural and Social Studies)

There’re 5 applicants for The 2nd SOKENDAI Science Award until closing date for application on the 11th(FRI) of Dec., 2015. Through screening of the application documents by the committee of SOKENDAI Scientist Award and the committee recommend 2 applicants as prize-candidate to the President. Through judging mainly their research contents by internationality, cross-disciplinary and the knowledge of relation of science and social totally, as a result, the President decided Dr. Ippei Shimamura (Graduated PhD at Department of Regional Studies, School of Cultural and Social Studiesas) as the 2nd recipient of SOKENDAI Award. The Prize Winning Reason is as mentioned below;


Prize Winning Reason

Dr. Ippei Shimamura started his PhD course at Department of Regional Studies, School of Cultural and Social Studies, SOKENDAI in 1999, after earning a master’s degree in Monglia, when the country had just achieved its democracy. He received Doctor of Literature from SOKENDAI in 2010. He has been conducting interdisciplinary research on nationalism (ethnic consciousness), using anthropological fieldwork as his methodological foundation, in addition to the techniques of sociology and history. As his three references (French, Mongolian, and Japanese) also highly and equally evaluate his prominent work, Dr. Shimamura studied the shamanism of Mongol-Buryats that is an ethnic minority in Mongolia. Due to the political purge at the beginning of the twentieth century, Mongol-Buryats lost many of its male members and continuity in their social lineage. Dr. Shimamura revealed that Mongol-Buryats generated their new ethnic nationalism through becoming shamans, and those shamans to tell the stories of spirits, remind ethnic memories, and restore the lineage as well as the ancestors’ spirits. His finding of the ethnic consciousness has been internationally recognized, among Western and Asian researchers. His masterpiece “The Root Seekers-Shamanism and Ethnicity among Mongol-Buryats,” has been translated to English, and received the JSPS Prize and the Regional Study Prize in 2013, and the Dido-Life Regional Study Prize for Encouragement in 2014. Furthermore, Dr. Shimamura contributes to the Mongolian society through another interdisciplinary research of cultural anthropology and environmental science that focuses on the environment issues around mine development in Mongolia. In conclusion, his work, that brings interdisciplinary approach, as a new perspective, to the field study, truly is deserved the SOKENDAI Scientist Prize.

 DSC_0048 DSC_0050

The Award Ceremony was held on the 4th of April (Mon), 2016 on the day of the Entrance Ceremony. Dr. SHIMAMURA Ippei has received the certificate and the extra prize by President OKADA.

After the ceremony, Dr. SHIMAMURA gave a lecture on the content of his research,”Staying with “others”, or a Report on my Anthropological Fieldworks.”

 ・Lecture PDF “Staying With Others Or A Report On My Anthropological Fieldworks”


The 2nd SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award.

For SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award, 2 applicants were selected as mentioned below, the Award Ceremony was held on the 4th of April (Mon), 2016 on the day of the Entrance Ceremony and they have received the certificate by President OKADA.


List of the SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award Recipient

    • Kyoko ONISHI (Department of Astronomical Science, School of Physical Sciences)
    • “Observational study towards black-hole mass: resolving the coevolution process of black hole and galaxy”


    • Yuta TANOUE (Department of Statistical Science, School of Multidisciplinary Sciences
    • “Analysis and Prediction on Bankloan credit risk”




Recipient: Kyoko ONISHI


Recipient: Yuta TANOUE



The 2nd SOKENDAI Scientist Award and The 2nd SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award Recipients



Left: Kyoko ONISHI Center: Ippei SHIMAMURA Right: Yuta TANOUE




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