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[Call for participants] SOKENDAI Physical Science Student Seminar AY2016 [Thursday, Jan.12th – Friday, Jan.13th 2017]


Place:Tsukuba Campus, KEK


SOKENDAI Physical Science Student Seminar AY2016
Date 2017.01.12~2017.01.13
Venue High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)



We hold this seminar as part of “Program for Enhancing Systematic Educations in Graduate Schools (Course-by-Course Education Program to Cultivate Researchers in Physical Sciences with Broad Perspectives)” promoted by School of Physical Sciences and School of High Energy Accelerator Science, SOKENDAI. The 6th Physical Science Student Seminar is planned with the following contents.




English Workshop : “Let’s Be Scientists Being Good at English”

●Introduction to Presentation Language / layout incl.,Presentation Skills
●PowerPoint Slide Awareness
●Basic Presentation Preparation and Practice
●Q & A / Discussion Skills Practice
●”the mock conference”  You should prepare slide about your study(for 10 minutes)



Date : Thursday, January 12th – Friday, January 13th 2017
Venue : High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
Entry qualifications : SOKENDAI students and teachers
Participation fees : Students: ¥ 2,000 Teachers: ¥ 3,500
(The accommodation fee will be charged to SOKENDAI, so you don’t need pay. You can bring breakfast or eat at cafe.)
Transportation fee : SOKENDAI will cover and reimburse the transportation fee
Dormitory : Number of the rooms are limited but KEK dormitory is provided to the participants. *Please be aware that any requests on the rooms are not accepted
Belongings : PC,your presentation slides



Please access and register from the website below
Deadline for application : Monday, December 26th 2016 Application deadline is extended Wednesday,  January 4th 2017



The Committee of Physical Science Student Seminar

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