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【Call for participants】 Freshman Course for FY2017 1st semester


Place:SOKENDAI, Hayama Campus

This is to inform you regarding the “SOKENDAI Freshman Course for FY2017” which is comprised of  “Frontiers of Knowledge”, “Student Seminar”, “Researchers and Society”  and “Communication skills for researchers”.Freshman Course

“Freshman Course” (2 credits) gives new students opportunities to develop fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for researchers.

 Please make sure to take SOKENDAI Freshman Course, because it is a compulsory subject for students of three- and five-year Ph.D. courses.

(It is an optional subject for students of School of Cultural and Social Studies & School of High Energy Accelerator Science)


1. Schedule 

      April 11 (Tue.)   ~  April 14 (Fri.) ,  2017


2. Venue

     Hayama Campus, SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)



3. Accommodation

     LOFOS SONAN  *3-minute walk from the Hayama Campus



4. Language

     The course will be offered in Japanese.   

Freshman Course in October (October 10 to 13, 2017) will be offered in English.

Foreign students who have difficulty in Japanese might take this course in October.


5. Eligible Participants

     *SOKENDAI New Students (entered for the 1st semester in FY2017)

     *SOKENDAI Current Students, and Faculty Members


6. Application submission deadline & where to apply  

    *New Students :

     Please submit together with admission documents during the admission  procedure period

    (March 6 – March 10) to the following section by post.

     > Student Welfare Section, Academic and Student Affairs Division  

         Tel: +81-46-858-1525

         E-mail: kousei@ml.soken.ac.jp


     *Current Students and Faculty Members :

       Please submit the application form to the office of SOKENDAI Freshman Course via

       e-mail by March 21, 2017.

       E-mail: fc2017@ml.soken.ac.jp


7. Necessary documents for the application

  ■ Application for FY2017 SOKENDAI Freshman Course

    ■Local Remittance Registration

      (For those who have not registered account information)

  ■Application Form for Nursery Room (as needed)


 8. Support for transportation expenses and chartered bus services

      We will support transportation expenses and accommodation fee according to

      the payment rules of SOKENDAI.

      Also, chartered bus services are available on April 11 and April 14 between

       Zushi ~ SOKENDAI Hayama Campus.

      If you wish to use a chartered bus service on April 11, please leave a “check” on

      the application form.


For details, please refer to the separate “Guidance for Participation in the SOKENDAI Freshman Course for FY2017” and 別紙1「平成29年度前学期総研大フレッシュマンコース」(Only Japanese).

Posted On 2017.04.01 By CPIS Office
Shonan Village, Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0193 Japan




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