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[Call for participants]FY2017 Interdisciplinary Lecture “Introduction to Harassment Problem”


Place:Campus Innovation Center Tokyo

This is to inform you regarding the Interdisciplinary Lecture “Introduction to Harassment Problem” to be opened.


 04 FY2017Interdisciplinary Lecture“Introduction to Harassment Problem”


Campus Innovation Center Tokyo

 (3-3-6 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo,108-0023)


Tohoku University

Kiyomi Yoshitake,Appointed Professor,Center for Counseling and Disability Services,Institute for Excellence in Higher Education


Michihiro Kojima,Professor,Department of Japanese History

Takehiko Ishikawa,Professor,Department of Space and Astronautical Science

Yujiro Ogawa,Professor,Department of Accelerator Science

Satoshi Imura,Professor,Department of Polar Science

Takuji Iwasato,Professor,Department of Genetics

Kentaro Arikawa,Professor,Department of Biosystems Science

Kouhei Kikuchi,Assistant Professor,The Center for the Promotion of Integrated Sciences


Eligible students

For all grades of master’s and doctoral courses in SOKENDAI and other universities. The students in other universities can participate only for those who approved by SOKENDAI. In case of large number of applicants, prioritized by SOKENDAI students.





How to apply

Please send below documents to the CPIS office(cpis-office@ml.soken.ac.jp) via E-mail attached.

・ Application form for the lecture

  03Application form for the lecture

・ Application form for reimbursement(Local Remittance Registration application)

  05Application form for reimbursement(Local Remittance Registration application)
※For those who have not registered account information.

E-mail Address: cpis-office@ml.soken.ac.jp

Deadline:July 14,2017

*Financial support: For SOKENDAI students, travel expenses and accommodation charges are

 supported by SOKENDAI under the university regulations. Expense will be reimbursed. Please

 mail the receipt for accommodations to the CPIS office, which is necessary in accordance with the

 procedure for payment of student travel expenses. Meal costs etc. will not be paid.


*The travel expense from the affiliated institution to the venue (Campus Innovation Center Tokyo,

 (JR Line Tamachi station)is paid at the amount of the student discount fares applied when the JR

 boarding point exceeds 100 km one way, so please ask for the application of student discount to

 the department office of each institution.


*Accommodation facilities are not prepared by SOKENDAI. If you need to reserve a hotel on

 July 21,and/or July 22,*, please arrange the accommodation by yourself. (Maximum payment is

 8,700 yen per night)

 Meal costs etc. will not be paid, so mail the receipt containing only the accommodation fee to

 the CPIS office within one week after the lecture is over. If the accommodation fee and other

 fees (meal fee etc.) are listed on the same statement, please mail the full statement that

 shows the each amount of items.



*If you need to leave your home before 7:00 am or if you come home after 11:00 pm, your
accommodation fee will be paid.

 Basically, calculate the first route searched by Ekispert for Webhttp://roote.ekispert.net/en

 from the affiliated institution to the venue (JR Line Tamachi station,Campus Innovation Center Tokyo).




*Your supervisor’s signature or seal is required in the application form. Please ask your supervisor

 for approval to attend this lecture. When you send your application form to CPIS office, add cc

 to your supervisor.

*The subject course will be registered by the submission of the application Form.

*The personal information in the application form will be used only for the lecture’s improvement,

 and will not be used for any other purposes. Any of your personal information will be protected

 against unauthorized access, loss, leakage, or other risks under a strict personal information

 handling practices, and will not be published with personally identifiable data.

*We will send you a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of your application form by return.If you do

 not receive our confirmation e-mail even though it has been over one week.


◎Info regarding the lecture

Kouhei Kikuchi,Assistant Professor,The Center for the Promotion of Integrated Sciences

Tel: 029-858-1630   E-mail: kikuchi_kouhei(at)soken.ac.jp

 ※Please change (at) to @ for use.


◎Info / Where to apply


Tel: 046-858-1629/1657  E-mail: cpis-office(at)ml.soken.ac.jp

 ※Please change (at) to @ for use.


To: SOKENDAI(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), CPIS Office,

Postal Address: Shonan Village, Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0193 Japan


Posted On 2017.06.07 By CPIS Office
Shonan Village, Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0193 Japan




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