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[Call for participants] 2018 SOKENDAI Physical Science Student Seminar


Place:National Astronomical Obsevatory Of Japan, NOBEYAMA

“2018 SOKENDAI Physical Science Student Seminar” is held as a part of “Program for Enhancing Systematic Educations in Graduate School” promoted by School of Physical Science and School of High Energy Accelerator Science, SOKENDAI.


The seminar will be held at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO), where is a project of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. NRO operates powerful, advanced radio telescope such as 45m Radio Telescope and the Nobeyama Radio Polarimeters.

Our committee prepares for valuable programs to interact with students and teacher from different departments and is looking forward to seeing you.


Application Guide




・This seminar offers a lecture and a group work at the NRO. In the lecture, you learn about an observatory equipment such as radio telescope by a professor who specialized at research and development of a radio telescope. The group work aims at interacting with students and teachers who belong to different departments through the topic related to space or astronomy is discussed. At the end of the group work, you will deliver a short presentation. Through icebreaker activities as well as social gathering, you can create a network beyond your research field not only among students but also with professors.

・At the last day, the facility tour is also planned. You can watch 4D digital space theater which you learn the structure of space and its evolution.




Date:Thursday, July 12th – Friday, July 13th, 2018

Venue:Nobeyama Radio Observatory

(Address: 462-2, Nobeyama, Minamimaki, Minamisaku, Nagano, 384-1305)





Eligibility: SOKENDAI students (except for a student who takes a leave of absence) and teachers

* Make sure to bring your own laptop.

Language: English



Participation Fee

In case of taking part in SOKENDAI students and teachers, the fees of meal and accommodation fees are covered by SOKENDAI accordingly by its rules.


Student @¥ 2,000 Teacher @¥ 3,500
(Cost for the social gathering at the first day and lunch at the second day)



Accommodation facility of NRO is available though its capacity is limited.

※Accommodation fee will be announced later.

※Desire of room types is not acceptable.

※If the capacity is full, you will not stay there.



How to apply

Please submit the “Application Form” and “Local Remittance Registration Application”to Committee of Physical Sciences Student Seminar by Monday, June 25th.

*Though those who have been already registered your bank account at SOKENDAI is not required to submit the “Local Remittance Registration Application”, those who have made change in the registered bank account information must submit this form with a copy of your 1st page of the bankbook.

*Student Discount Fare” is applied when JR boarding points (from your respective department to Nobeyama Radio Observatory) exceeds 100 kilometers one way.

*Please confirm the above points in advance and take student discount ticket (gakuwari) application from your department/student office accordingly before departure.


(Deadline of application)Monday, June 25th, 2018

(Address)2018 SOKENDAI Physical Science Student Committee

(Mail to: butsuri-gs2018(at)ml.soken.ac.jp)

※If you want to take a chartered bus between JR Nobeyama Station and NRO below a timetable, please check it on the application form.


July 12th(Thu.)JR Nobeyama Sta. 12:00 → Nobeyama Radio Observatory 12:15


July 13th(Fri.)Nobeyama Radio Observatory 14:50→JR Nobeyama Sta. 15:05




2018 SOKENDAI Physical Science Student Committee


Posted On 2018.06.08 By Academic Affairs Section
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