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[Call for participants]Comprehensive Subject on “Micro- & macrobiology II”


Place:Hayama Campus

 This is to inform you regarding the comprehensive Subject “Micro- & macrobiology II” to be opened.




Micro- & macro-biology II (2 credits)




・1st semester, intensive course

・To learn the basics of mathematical biology, evolutionary biology, integrative anthropology, and neurobiology in order to comprehensively understand biological evolution.




 18 Apr 2017 – 21 Apr 2017/Hayama




18 April(Tue)1st: Population genetics, Evolutionary genomics (Innan, Hideki)

18 April(Tue)2nd: Evolutionary genetics and epigenetics (Takuno, Shohei)

18 April(Tue)3rd: Theoretical biology, Evolutionary game theory (Ohtsuki, Hisashi)

18 April(Tue)4th: Studies of evolutionary dynamics, Theoretical Population Biology (Sasaki, Akira)

19 April(Wen)1st: Physical Anthropology, Evolutionary Genetics (Gojobori, Jun)

19 April(Wen)2nd: The mechanism of adaptation and speciation (Terai, Yohei)

19 April(Wen)3rd: Molecular Cytogenetics, Evolutionary Studies of Chromosomes and Genomics (Tanabe, Hideyuki)

19 April(Wen)4th: Evolutionary Physiology, Genome Genetics (Satta, Yoko)

20 April(Thu)1st: Molecular Evolution, Evolution of biosystems (Ota, Tatsuya)

20 April(Thu)2nd: Archaeobotany, Environmental Archaeology (Nasu, Hiroo)

20 April(Thu)3rd: Palaeoanthropology, Environmental Archaeology, Zooarchaeology (Hongo, Hitomi)

20 April(Thu)4th: Animal behaviour, Behavioral ecology (Kutsukake, Nobuyuki)

21 April(Fri)1st: Integrative Anthropology, Behavioral ecology (Hasegawa, Mariko)

21 April(Fri)2nd: Neuroethology, Sensory physiology (Arikawa, Kentaro)

21 April(Fri)3rd: Behavioral neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience (Kinoshita, Michiyo)

21 April(Fri)4th: Neuroethology, Neuroinformatics (Stewart, Finley)




Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems: Tatsuya Ota

Please see the schedule above for individual lecturers.



LanguageHow to apply

Japanese or English



How to apply

Please send below documents to the Educational Affairs Section by 12 April (Wed) 2017.




・We will support transportation expenses according to the payment rule of SOKENDAI only for regular students. (Except for students of Dept. Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems)

・For details about the lecture, please contact the lecturer.



Where to submit application forms

Address: Educational Affairs Section SOKENDAI, Shonan Village, Hayama, Kanagawa, 240-0193

TEL: 046-858-1582, 1524 / FAX: 046-858-1541

E-Mail: kyomu(at)ml.soken.ac.jp



Contact lecturer

Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems: Tatsuya Ota

E-Mail: ota(at)soken.ac.jp


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Shonan Village, Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0193 Japan




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