Apply to Doctor (Katei-Hakase)

The process of doctoral dissertation examination

1.Preliminary Evaluation *1

(1)Submit necessary documents. (Applicants> Program Office)*2
(2)Examination by the Preliminary Evaluation Committee

*1 "Preliminary Evaluation" is named differently at each program/department.
*2 Regarding the application period for the Preliminary Evaluation, please contact Program Office.


(1)Submit necessary documents. (Applicants> Program Office)*
(2)Evaluation Committee
(3)Program Committee
(4)Faculty Meeting

*Regarding the application period for the Evaluation, please contact Program office.

3.Publication of Doctoral Thesis

A doctoral thesis will be published on the Internet.
For details, please contact Educational Affairs Section.

About Degree

Program/Department Degree (Japanese)* Degree (English)
Anthropological Studies
Regional Studies
Comparative Studies
Bungaku or Gakujutsu

Doctor of Philosophy
Japanese Studies Gakujutsu
Japanese History Bungaku or Gakujutsu
Japanese Literature Bungaku
Japanese Language Sciences Bungaku or Gakujutsu
lnformatics Johogaku or Gakujutsu
Statistical Science Tokeikagaku or Gakujutsu
Particle and Nuclear Physics Rigaku or Gakujutsu
Accelerator Science Gakujutsu, Rigaku or Kogaku
Astronomical Science Gakujutsu, Rigaku or Kogaku
Fusion Science Gakujutsu, Rigaku or Kogaku
Space and Astronautical Science Rigaku, Kogaku or Gakujutsu
Molecular Science
Structural Molecular Science
Functional Molecular Science
Rigaku or Gakujutsu

Materials Structure Science Gakujutsu, Rigaku or Kogaku
Global Environmental Studies Gakujutsu or Rigaku
Polar Science Rigaku or Gakujutsu
Basic Biology Rigaku or Gakujutsu
Physiological Sciences Gakujutsu, Rigaku, Nokagaku or Igaku
Genetics Rigaku or Gakujutsu
Integrative Evolutionary Science
Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems
Gakujutsu or Rigaku
*Bungaku = 文学, Gakujutsu = 学術, Rigaku = 理学, Kogaku = 工学, Tokeikagaku = 統計科学, Johogaku = 情報学, Nokagaku = 脳科学, Igaku = 医学

Required Documents

No. Documents sample
(1) Application for the Evaluation of Doctoral Thesis Sample
(2) Doctoral Thesis
(3) Contents of Doctoral Thesis Sample
(4) Summary of Doctoral Thesis Sample
(5) Curriculum Vitae [For regular students of SOKENDAI] Sample
(6) Related references

Title Change Form

*If you are instructed that your Doctoral Thesis Title should change by the Thesis Screening Committee.

Consent form.doc

Note 1: Regarding the Number of Copies of Documents for the Evaluation, please contact Program Office.
Note 2: Regarding the necessary documents for the Preliminary Evaluation, please contact Program Office.

Documents of Publication of Doctoral Thesis

Documents sample
SOKENDAI Repository Registration Request Form Sample
Request for Permission to Publish an Abridged Version (Outline) of the Doctoral Thesis Sample
Application for Continuance for Non-publication of the Doctoral Thesis in Full-text Sample
Notice of Authorization to Publish the Full-text of Doctoral Thesis Sample


Application form to receive the Diploma



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Email: kyomu(at)

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