November 15, 2021

CED Seminar 2021 "Academic Career Seminar"

Our presenter Dr. Hie Lim Kim will discuss how to build a career in global Academia. Since she completed her Ph.D. at SOKENDAI, she has developed her career in U.S. and then Singapore. She will show how to develop a personal career blueprint and devise contingency plans. Her talk includes selection process she experienced in both countries. You will learn how early-career scientists can best prepare for success in a career. Lastly, her message covers how to balance a career and a family.

Time and Date

3:00-4:00 p.m.(Japan Standard Time) on Monday, December 20th, 2021


Online (Zoom)




Asst. Prof. Hie Lim Kim ( The Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore )

Kim's specializes in population genomic analyses, applied to genetic variations found within or between populations in order to infer the demographic history of the populations. During her PhD training at SOKENDAI, she studied population genetics and evolutionary biology. When she was a postdoctoral researcher at The Pennsylvania State University, her research extended to Genomics and she applied population genetic analyses to whole genome sequence data. She joined NTU as a faculty member 2016.

Who should participate

SOKENDAI students ( especially for those interested in building a career in global academia )


Please complete the online registration no later than Monday December 13 th at noon (JST) from URL below.

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The Center for Education Development (CED), SOKENDAI