August 21, 2023

【Call for Participants】SOKENDAI Freshman Course (Second Semester 2023)

SOKENDAI Freshman Course (Second Semester 2023) will be held from Tuesday, October 10 to Friday, October 13, 2023.

The Freshman Course is an intensive course mainly for newly-enrolled students of SOKENDAI.
This course has two objectives; (1) To acquire basic knowledge and skills required for all researchers, and (2) To understand the SOKENDAI's broad range of intellectual fields, and create a network beyond your research field.
This course consists of three sections; "Exploring Diversity in Academia (EDA)," "Researchers and Society," and "Communication Skills for Researchers."

For the detailed information of each session, please refer to " SOKENDAI Freshman Course Website ."

1. Schedule and Venue:
from October 10 (tue.) to October 13 (fri.), 2023

October 10 (tue.) to October 11 (wed.) at Annex Bldg., SOKENDAI Hayama Campus
October 12 (thu.) at Conference Room "Isshiki" at LOFOS Shonan
October 13 (fri.) On-demand online classes

※For the detailed schedule, please refer to
>> Registration Guidelines for SOKENDAI Freshman Course (Second Semester 2023)
>> SOKENDAI Freshman Course Website

2. Requirements and Credits:
Number of Credits: Two (2) credits
Grading: Contribution to the class, submitted assignments and reports
Language: English*
*If you wish to take the course in Japanese, please consider registering for the one in April, 2024, that will be offered in Japanese.
Targeted Year: New and Current Students (1st- to 5th-year students)

3. How to Register:
Please register from the following site:
※If the Registration Form does not appear, please retry by connecting directly to the Internet (using a mobile device, etc.), not through the campus network.

Registration deadline: Noon on Friday, September 15, 2023

Before registering, please check the instruction, "Before registration," at page 3 of "Registration Guidelines for SOKENDAI Freshman Course (Second Semester 2023)" regarding the following items that are needed for registration:
An image that expresses yourself as a researcher :
Your three research keywords

4. Contact Information:
Office for SOKENDAI Freshman Course
E-mail: freshman(a)     * Please replace (a) with @, when sending an e-mail.
Tel: +81-46-858-1647/1583

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