April 06, 2017

[Call for applicants]The Short-Stay Study Abroad Program in FY2017

The Short-Stay Study Abroad Program in FY2017

This program is designed to financially support students who wish to study abroad in association with international collaborative research activities (a curriculum of a school or a lecture course, etc.), with the underlying objective of improving their quality of doctoral dissertation with global perspectives.

2017 Short-Stay Study Abroad Program AppGuideline


Applicants must be enrolled in SOKENDAI (the Graduate University for Advanced Studies) as degree-seeking students, except for those taking a year or term off school. Students who have not yet participated in this program or internship program are prioritized in the selection process.


As a rule, the period of stay is a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 29 consecutive days. Participants who have previously joined in this program can apply with a grant up to JPY 800,000 while they are at SOKENDAI. Participants must plan to return no later than March 7, 2018.


A maximum of JPY 400,000 per grant


1) Domestic travel expenses to/from an applicant's department to/from the nearest international airport, based on SOKENDAI's regulation (Please refer to Form 1-3 "Financial Plan.")
2) Round-trip economy-class international airfares
3) Travel expenses to/from the nearest international airport to the receiving university/institute
4) Accommodation or flat fees
i. In principle, participants must stay at accommodations other than hotels (e.g., a receiving university's accommodation, a students' dormitory, a reasonable apartment, etc.):
Area [1]: a maximum of JPY 6,440 per day
Area [2]: a maximum of JPY 5,160 per day
Area [3]: a maximum of JPY 4,640 per day
(Please refer to Form 1-3 "Area.")

ii. In case participants stay at a hotel, the following fees are applied:
Area [1]: JPY 12,800 per day
Area [2]: JPY 10,320 per day
Area [3]: JPY 9,280 per day
(Please refer to Form 1-3 "Areas.")
5) Overseas travel insurance costs, including liability coverage (Participants must arrange their own insurance policies.)
6) Public transportation expenses from city to city and visa fees will be covered within the grant assigned. Passport fees are not covered.
7) Seminar costs, registration fees, and facility fees at the receiving university/institute will be covered within the grant assigned.
Note: Item 7 is not applicable to recipients of JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists.


On the basis of the application documents, the Committee for Promotion of International Affairs review and approve applications and the amount of each grant. The number of grants approved will be distributed evenly among all departments.


1) An applicant who wishes to use a portion of the budget from the Parent institute to which he/she belongs must confirm with the accounting department of the Parent institute whether it is acceptable.
2) When this program will be carried out in one trip, participants must formulate the plan clearly, allocate the tasks properly, and submit the details beforehand.
3) Applicants may obtain, among others, a scholarship or an external research fund on their own to combine with this fund.


1) Application Form (Form1-1)
2) Letter of Recommendation (Form1-2)
3) Financial Plan (Form1-3)
4) Pledge (Form1-4)
5) Detailed Itinerary (Form1-5) (SAMPLE)
6) A copy of Letter of Acceptance
7) Estimate for a round-trip airfare
8) Estimate for accommodation costs
9) Estimate for overseas travel insurance costs
10) A document itemizing the detailed estimates for executing the program relating to itm 6 and 7 in Guideline 5 "Expenses covered by the grant".
※ If participants cannot submit any of the documents in items 7 to 10 by the application deadline, please inform the International Affairs Section.


1st selection: May 12, 2017 (Departure date should be on or after July 1, 2017)
2nd selection: July 14, 2017 (Departure date should be on or after September 1, 2017)
3rd selection: October 13, 2017 (Departure date should be on or after December 1, 2017)
※ The second selection may be cancelled if circumstances so warrant it.