October 01, 2020

The 5th SOKENDAI Award

SOKENDAI Award is founded in Academic Year 2018 to commend the students who have accomplished their outstanding research and have been conferred their degrees with the excellent doctoral thesis.

The following two recipients were selected for the 5th SOKENDAI Awards.

The recipients of the 5th SOKENDAI Award
Name Department Doctoral thesis
ZHAO Yuhang Astronomical Science Development of a frequency dependent squeezed vacuum source for broadband quantum noise reduction in advanced gravitational-wave detectors
KAMEZAWA Chika Materials Structure Science Visualization of the complex shear modulus by dynamic X-ray elastography

【Mr. ZHAO's comment】

Thanks to all SOKENDAI professors for the recognition of my Ph.D. work. This pays off all the days and nights I spent in the lab.
But I will not forget all the people who gave their contribution to the success of this work.
I'm fully aware that every single Ph.D. student works very hard and always does his/her best. So I feel really lucky and grateful for this recognition. In order to be worthy of this great honor, in the future I will work even harder to give my contribution to the field of gravitational-wave research.

(left)Prof. Namiki, Dean, (right)Mr. ZHAO

【Ms. KAMEZAWA's comment】

I am delighted to be chosen for this award. I greatly appreciate the support of SOKENDAI, KEK, Tohoku university, and Massachusetts General Hospital, USA.
Sokendai provided excellent programs and the environment to do my research. I learned that a collaboration of many research fields was very important, and actually, I learned a lot of things from experts of many research fields. I will continue to devote myself to becoming a professional scientist.
Thank you very much.

The center of the picture is Ms. KAMEZAWA.