March 01, 2024

[Press Release]Groundbreaking Study Unveils Unique Roles of Yeast Protein Complexes in Cellular Lifespan and Environmental Response by Rationally Engineering Based on the Predicted Three-dimensional Structures

Release Summary

A team of researchers including Assistant Professor Takahiro KOSUGI and Assistant Professor Yoshiaki KAMADA of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI has developed an advanced molecular cell biology approach by integrating computational redesigning of protein complexes based on the predicted three-dimensional structure into yeast genetics. They revealed that two types of protein complexes in yeast, which were thought to have the same function, play distinct roles in cellular environmental response and lifespan. Furthermore, they showed that two complexes function differently in response to stress and uncovered potential pathways for treating age-related diseases. This study offers promising insights for human health advancements.

Information of the paper


  • Authors:Yoshiaki Kamada*, Chiharu Umeda, Yukio Mukai, Hokuto Ohtsuka, Yoko Otsubo, Akira Yamashita, and Takahiro Kosugi*
  • Journal Name: Journal of Cell Science
  • Journal Title: “Structure-based engineering of Tor complexes reveals that two types of yeast TORC1 produce distinct phenotypes”
  • DOI:

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