Brand Logo

Brand Logo:Intelligence Connector


SOKENDAI renewed our logo as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the university's foundation in 2018.

SOKENDAI represents a unique educational structure that provides intellectual knowledge at the highest standards. The ethos of the brand is mirrored through the visualization of a line 'Intelligence Connector' which symbolizes a platform for the multiple numbers of research centers across the world that form the diverse educational platform of SOKENDAI.

Brand Color

SOKENDAI brand colors are black, gray and white. The primary color palette for SOKENDAI is black, which is to be consistently used whenever possible.


Using Brand Logo

Those concerned with SOKENDAI do not need permission to use Brand Logo( 国立大学法人総合研究大学院大学ブランドロゴ取扱要項 第4条1~4参照)
Please refer to Visual Identity Guidelines (available only on campus) when using Brand Logo.

  1. Inter-University Research Institutes (IURIs) that affiliate with SOKENDAI and Inter-University Research Institutes Corporation that IURIs belong to
    SOKENDAI faculty members, students, Official club activity organizations

    Please fill the form and submit.
    PR section will reach you within two business days.
  2. Faculty members and Staff members in Hayama, Education Support Team at IURIs that affiliate with SOKENDAI

    Please download from the SOKENDAI groupware.


Request for Permission to use Brand Logo is required.
Please submit the Form to Public Relations Section, attached with a layout that shows where the Brand Logo is located.


SOKENDAI(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
General Planning Division, Public Relations Section