International Collaborative Degree Programs

1. Aim

SOKENDAI implements International Collaborative Degree Programs for the following purposes.

  • Cultivate the research abilities of graduate students through overseas research experience.
  • By utilizing overseas research environments, SOKENDAI will broaden the scope of students` dissertation research.
  • In addition to sending graduate students abroad, SOKENDAI will also accept overseas graduate students and provide opportunities to increase the international mobility of young researchers.
  • Expand collaboration and cooperation with overseas educational and research institutions to enhance SOKENDAI`s international presence.
2. Definitions

The definitions of International Collaborative Degree Programs of SOKENDAI are as follows. Terms such as “double degree” and “dual degree” may mean different systems depending on the country or university. Therefore, when SOKENDAI and an overseas university implement the program below, another name may be used after consultation with the overseas university.

(1)Double degree
A program in which one graduate student is enrolled in both SOKENDAI and an overseas university at the same time, aiming to complete two degree programs of the same level, and receives joint research guidance from two faculty members belonging to each university. The purpose of the program is to obtain two degrees by moderating the period and amount of study. Students submit dissertations with different topics to each university, and two degrees are awarded through individual thesis defenses.

(2)Dual Degree (Cotutelle)
A program in which one graduate student is enrolled in both SOKENDAI and an oversea university at the same time, and receives joint research guidance from two faculty members belonging to each university. Dissertation research is conducted under the supervision of two official supervisors based on a framework agreement and an individual agreement between the universities. Students who have fulfilled the completion requirements in advance based on the agreement of both universities will be jointly reviewed for one dissertation and awarded one degree. Under the Cotutelle system implemented by SOKENDAI, two diplomas are issued from each university (1 degree and 2 diplomas system).

(3)International Joint Supervision
In this program, one graduate student receives joint research guidance by two faculty members belonging to SOKENDAI and an overseas university. The student is enrolled only in his/her home university and belong to the host university as a non-regular (non-degree-seeking) student. One dissertation will be jointly reviewed and one degree will be awarded by the home university upon successful fulfillment of requirements of the home university. In addition, a joint certificate of completion is issued to certify that SOKENDAI and the partner university jointly supervised the thesis.

3. Guidelines

Students who wish to implement the international collaborative degree program should refer to the guidelines below, consult with their supervisor, and contact the section indicated in “4. Contact”.

4. Contact

Student Support Services Planning Section, General Planning Division
e-mail: cotutelle(at)

5. List of institutions that have signed agreements with SOKENDAI
Type of program
Double Degree
Dual Degree (Cotutelle)
Joint Supervision
Southwest Jiaotong University China  〇
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology Thailand  〇
École Centrale de Nantes France  〇
Université Paris-Saclay France  〇
Sorbonne Université France  〇
Georgian Technical University Georgia  〇
Università di Bologna Italy  〇

*Institutions other than those listed above may also implement the program after concluding an agreement with SOKENDAI.