Auditing Student with Credit / Auditing Student

SOKENDAI may admit "Auditing Student with Credit" or "Auditing Student" who wish to attend the courses held for regular students so long as there is no hindrance to education of the University.

"Auditing Student with Credit" who marked higher score than prescribed level on the examination can acquire the official credit(s) of the University.

"Auditing Student" is exempt from acquiring the credit.


Qualification Having enough academic ability to attend the chosen course(s)
Courses Please refer to course list (Japanese text only).
*SOKENDAI will shift from the current six schools system to the system of twenty programs under the Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies in April 2023. Courses from AY2023 will be offered by each programs.
*Please ask each program whether the course is opened for "Auditing Student with Credit" and "Auditing Student".
*No "Auditing Student with Credit" or "Auditing Student" will be accepted for courses of Global Environmental Studies in AY2023.
Necessary Documents
  1. Application Form
    for Auditing Student with Credit
    for Auditing Student
  2. Personal resume
  3. Certificate of (expected) graduation
  4. Personal research history
  5. Confirmation Letter regarding the Applicability of the Specific Categories for Compliance with Article 25 (1) and (2) of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act
    *For residents (Japanese citizens and foreigners who have been in Japan for 6 months or who have been employed in Japan) only
Admission Date The first day of April / October in principal
*Please consult in the case of intensive course.
Term of registration The semester the course is opened.
Application Date Please contact each program office.
Place to submit Each program office

Please contact the lecturer of the course in advance before applying.
* Regarding the status of residence, please take notes of 'For Research students/ Auditing students with credit/ Auditing students' in the Immigration Procedure page.

Depending on the chosen course(s), applicants may be subject to regulations on the export/transfer of controlled technologies based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Please consult each program office for further details.

Necessary Fees

(As of 1st April, 2022)

Examination fee 9,800 yen
Admission fee 28,200 yen
Tuition fee 14,800 yen per credit
*For "Auditing Student", 14,800 yen per course worthy of 1 credit
*For methods of payment of the examination fee, please contact Educational Affairs Section.
*When the amount of the fees are revised after the application and/or during the term of research, new amount shall be applied.
*The tuition fee is collected in a lump sum in each of 1st and 2nd semester.


  • SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
  • Educational Affairs Section
  • TEL: 81-46-858-1582
  • Email:kyomu(at)