June 27, 2023

SOKENDAI Special Researcher (Pioneering Research Type) October 2023

★ Recruitment for October 2023

The number of researchers expected to be adopted:

Regular: 1 people


Application Documents

Application Guideline

Application Form.
Recommendation Letter
FAQ (Japanese version only)

How to submit

Where to submit

Office for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation: jisedai-jimu(at)ml.soken.ac.jp ※Please replace (at) with @.

 Application Deadline

Please ensure they arrive no later than Monday August 7, 2023, 15:00PM .

Supplementary explanation

1. What is the SOKENDAI Research Dispatch Program?

This program provides necessary financial support for the university students who are proactively engaged in short-term research activities overseas and long-term joint research in Japan and overseas ,which will lead to their future careers in order to promote the development of researchers with "high expertise," "broad perspective," and "international competence," which is the educational philosophy of the university.
For details of the program, please refer to the following page.

SOKENDAI Student Dispatch Program

PIC of administrative affairs:Office for SOKENDAI Research Dispatch Program(internship(at)ml.soken.ac.jp)

2. What is internal joint advising program?

This is to provide joint research guidance for one student between his/her program (department) and another program (department).
For details on procedures, etc., please refer to "Procedures for Joint Research Guidance within the University" .
PIC of administrative affairs:Educational Affairs Section(kyomu(at)ml.soken.ac.jp)

3. What is a joint international degree program?

Our Joint international degree programs will be devided into three programs as below.

・ Double Degree

If the student completes the same degree level educational program at both universities, meets the requirements for completion, and submits different theses to both universities, and passes the degree examination done by each university, he/she will be awarded a degree from both universities.

・Cotutelle (Dual Degree)

The student enrolled at the university under an agreement with an overseas university is simultaneously enrolled as regular students at the other university and receives joint thesis guidance from faculty members of both universities. After completion of the thesis, if he/she passes the joint thesis examination by both universities, he/she will be awarded a single degree by both universities, and each university will issue a degree certificate stated that the thesis is jointly supervised by both universities.

・International Joint Thesis Guidance

The student who enrolled at SOKENDAI as a regular student under an agreement with an overseas university will be enrolled at the other overseas university as a non- regular student and get an International Joint Thesis Guidance from the both universities. After completion of the thesis, if he/she passes the joint thesis review done by both universities, he/she will recieve the degree from the university who belongs to and the certificate jointly signed by both universities which certifies that he/she has completed the International Joint Thesis Supervision Program.

If you wish to perticipate in a joint international degree program, please get a permisison from your supervisor and host faculty of the other university then contact the following office staff.
PIC of administrative affairs:General Planning Department(cotutelle(at)ml.soken.ac.jp)