The Center for Academic Information Service

The Center for Academic Information Services

This Center was recently established organization by unification of the Hayama Library and the Information Services and Technology Center, which aims at effective management of academic information in SOKENDAI. Based on secure and resilient information infrastructure, it provides various academic information services to researchers and researchers-in-future who are both users and creators of academic information, and supports education, research, and administration in SOKENDAI.
This Center consists of the Division of Information Services and Technology and the University Library.

The Center for Academic Information Services

Division of Information Services and Technology

Cooperating with the affiliated research institutes and museums, this division manages core information facilities and operates information systems located at the Hayama Campus and its branch.

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SOKENDAI Video Conferencing System

The system connects the affiliated Inter-University Research Institutes and JAXA with university headquarters. It facilitates teleconferencing and supports university activities.

SOKENDAI Cloud Computing System

This private cloud computing system is a basic facility lately developed to promote intra-university education, academic exchange, and public relations.

For inquiries or information

Academic Information Service Office

E-mail: istc.jimu(at)