The Center for Education Planning and Development

-The Center for Education Planning and Development

“Advanced specialties and expertise,” “Broad perspective,” and “International competitiveness” are the educational goals of SOKENDAI, and they are the essential competencies for excellent researchers. In order to achieve these goals, we believe that the university-wide education that enhances the quality as an excellent researcher is necessary, in addition to specialized education carried out in each department. The missions of the CEPD are: to implement and support the university-wide education programs and projects; and, to assist in evaluation and analysis of the educational activities. We contribute to develop researchers rooted in our philosophy.


Exective Director/Vice President

Members(Japanese alphabetical order)

AKAHO Shotaro
Visiting Professor

ISHIBASHI yoshikazu
UEA(University Education Administrator)/Associate Professor

KURIKI Satoshi

Jeremiah S. Sechrist
Special Appointed Lecturer

MAYAMA Satoshi

UEA(University Education Administrator)/Associate Professor

URA(University Reseaerch Administrator)/Deputy Director, University Library

Education Development Section

Promotion of university-wide education

  • Planning and implementation of university-wide educational courses and seminars
    1. Implementation of the Freshman Course
    2. Planning and implementation of CEPD seminars
  • Support for the implementation of university-wide educational projects
    1. Support for the implementation of inter-university education
    2. Support for the implementation of international joint/double degree programs

Improving the quality of education and research guidance

  • Planning and implementation of FD training
  • Counseling from teachers related to education

Support tailored to student needs

  • Support for student learning, research activities, job hunting, and networking
  • Support for student learning, research activities, job hunting, and networking

Institutional Research and Planning Section

  • Analysis of educational effects through the preparation and analysis of educational data and the implementation of student questionnaires
  • Research performance analysis using literature databases and research ability analysis tools
  • Planning and implementation of SD training

Human Resources Development Section

  • Cultivate "data scientist-type(DS-type)researcher human resources" who can promote data-driven research


The Center for Education Planning and Development(CEPD)
Shonan Village, Hayama,Kanagawa 240-0193 Japan
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI

  • e-mail: cepd_edu(at)