The Center for Education Planning and Development

Education Development Section

  • Promotion of university-wide education
    • Planning and implementation of university-wide educational courses and seminars
      - Implementation of the Freshman Course
      - Planning and implementation of CEPD seminars
    • Support for the implementation of university-wide educational projects
      - Support for the implementation of inter-university education
      - Support for the implementation of international joint/double degree programs
  • Improving the quality of education and research guidance
    • Planning and implementation of FD training
    • Counseling from teachers related to education
  • Support tailored to student needs
    • Support for student learning, research activities, job hunting, and networking
    • Planning and implementation of CEPD online meetups

Institutional Research and Planning Section

  • Analysis of educational effects through the preparation and analysis of educational data and the implementation of student questionnaires
  • Research performance analysis using literature databases and research ability analysis tools
  • Planning and implementation of SD training

Human Resources Development Section

Cultivate “data scientist-type (DS-type) researcher human resources” who can promote data-driven research