Message from current students and graduates

MORI Takato, Particle and Nuclear Physics


I was enrolled in the Department of Particle and Nuclear Science, locating at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. I was conducting research in theoretical physics using interdisciplinary approaches, where quantum information, gravity, and elementary particle physics meet each other. KEK was a very open environment where I could easily interact and discuss with researchers in various fields. In addition, thanks to the SOKENDAI Student Dispatch Program, I was able to stay at a research institute in Canada for three months in my fifth year. The experience of collaborating and communicating with researchers there helped me a lot to obtain a postdoctoral position after my graduation. After all, I think KEK and SOKENDAI are places with a lot of freedom and well suited to those who want to challenge themselves.

School of High Energy Accelerator Science, Department of Particle and Nuclear Physics
Graduate of March 2023
Winner of The 10th SOKENDAI Award

SAKAMOTO Takahiro, Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems


The Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems, to which I belonged, is the predecessor of the Research Center for Integrative Evolutionary Science and covers the fields of evolutionary biology, and science and society. A key feature of the course is that each laboratory uses different approaches to unravel the mysteries of evolution, including field research, molecular/behavioral experiments, genome analysis, and mathematical modeling. Because the research is supervised by three or more professors, it is easy to combine multiple approaches in a project. It is a great environment for students who want to gain a deep understanding of evolution from multiple perspectives. The campus has a warm atmosphere and is suitable to concentrate on research.

School of Advanced Sciences, Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems
Graduate of March 2023
Winner of the 10th SOKENDAI Award

ATIS YOSPRAKOB, Particle and Nuclear Physics


I was enrolled in the department of Particle and Nuclear Physics, which is hosted by the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba. During my time there, I had a great opportunity to work on various subjects in theoretical physics. My research topic is performing numerical simulations of complex systems, specifically, those which suffer from the notorious "sign problem". There are many techniques available but with guidance from my advisor and peers, I was able to master many of these techniques, despite being very challenging. With my many contributions to the field, I was accepted as a postdoc at Niigata University. I would encourage aspiring students to come to SOKENDAI for a great opportunity in furthering their careers.

School of high Energy Accelerator Science, Department of Particle and Nuclear Physics

Graduate of September 2022
Winner of the 9th SOKENDAI Award

LI Haoyu , Informatics


The Department of Informatics is located in the city center of Tokyo and affiliated to the National Institute of Informatics (NII). There are many well-known professors conducting cutting-edge researches at NII. If you are interested in Informatics or Computer Science, you can always find an interested research topic here and get supervised by a nice researcher. NII (SOKENDAI) also provides excellent research environment. We students can receive RA salary as financial support. We are allocated to shared offices, where you can have free discussion and coffee with your colleagues who may come from different countries and hold various research topics. On the weekend, you can explore Tokyo (suppose you are an international student), have a trip or visit a restaurant, etc. For me, three-year PhD journey is a memorable life experience. Studying in NII, SOKENDAI is definitely a good option for you.

School of Multidisciplinary Sciences, Department of Informatics
Graduate of September 2022
Winner of the 9th SOKENDAI Award