The Application Process of Privately Financed Students

SOKENDAI conducts two types admission for International student with private financing or with scholarships from institutions or governments other than that of Japan. For more details, please refer to the following webpages.

As a general rule, all applicants should select their prospective academic supervisor in advance and then process their applications under their guidance. You can find the list of academic supervisors on the website of the parent research institute. Please access the list of programs here.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in contacting or finding a prospective academic supervisor, please contact at the Student Affairs Section. When contacting us, please provide the following information so that we will be able to efficiently serve your needs.

  1. Name, nationality, and age
  2. Current affiliation and status (e.g., master student at ABC University or researcher at XYZ Institute)
  3. Degree obtained or expected and its conferral date (e.g., Bachelor of Science, 2010)
  4. The program of SOKENDAI in which you would like to enroll
  5. The course in which you would like to enroll (e.g., three-year doctoral course or five-year doctoral course)
  6. Desired session of enrollment (e.g., session of April 2011)
  7. Financial plan for your study in SOKENDAI (e.g., scholarship support is necessary or self-financing)
  8. The name of your desired academic supervisor, if you have already selected one


  • The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI
  • Student Affairs Section
  • Email: gakusei(at)