Web Site Ethics Guide Line

To all students, faculty members, and administrative officers

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies specifies the moral handling related to information distribution via websites as follows.
All faculty members, administrative officers, and students of the University shall observe the following guidelines, and shall distribute information with responsibility and with full awareness of being a member of the University.

Purpose of Website

The purpose of the website is to provide information of any activities related to the education research and like activities undertaken in the University, within the University and toward the society in a fair and accurate manner.

Uploading via appropriate procedures

Information is to be uploaded not by decisions of the individual faculty members or administrative officers, but through appropriate procedures.

Maintaining Accuracy

Be careful not to provide inaccurate information, information which may be misleading, or distorted information.

Respecting Privacy

Information related to individuals (family, religion, personal life, etc.) shall not be published without approval.

Respecting Copyrights

No actions that infringe copyright, such as plagiarizing some other person's writings or pictures shall be taken.

Prohibition of Discriminative Expressions

No expressions including prejudice or discrimination regarding nationality, origin, religion, ideology, principles, disabilities, occupations, etc., is to be included.

Prohibition of slander, libel, etc.

Information including criticism or reviews against a particular individual or party shall not be published unless it is deemed reasonable and there is sufficient reason that the publication would serve the public.