Special admissions for applicants residing abroad

SOKENDAI conducts special admissions for privately-financed international students residing abroad. The selection schedule for the admissions is different from that of general admissions. Some of the programs screen international applicants by application documents and online interview allowing them to take an examination without coming to Japan. The examination schedule, selection methods, and application documents vary depending on each program, For more details, please refer to the application guidelines of each program below.

Given the spread of the novel Coronavirus throughout the world, there is a possibility that the SOKENDAI Admission might be modified or cancelled depending of the future situation of the effects of Novel Coronavirus Infection. If there is any change or cancellation for SOKENDAI Admissions, we wil announce on following SOKENDAI website. Please make sure to confirm this following webpage. Response to Novel Coronavirus Infections

Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies Application Guidelines


  • The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI
  • Student Affairs Section
  • Email: gakusei(at)ml.soken.ac.jp