Past Research Insentive Awards

Nagakura Research Incentive Award and The SOKENDAI Research Award

Funded by Dr. Saburo Nagakura, the first president of the university in 1995, the SOKENDAI Nagakura Research Incentive Award has been presented to students of SOKENDAI to encourage their outstanding research and to further develop their research fields.

To encourage SOKENDAI students to pursue outstanding research, the head of each department nominates candidate(s) to be considered by the selection committee for two awards. The committee subsequently selects winners from the nominees for the "Nagakura Research Incentive Award". The "SOKENDAI Research Award" is awarded to those among the remaining candidates who have also carried out excellent research.

Past recipients of Nagakura Research Incentive Award

SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award

The Purpose of SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award was to encourage originative research proposed or plannned on his/her own initiative by SOKENDAI students who aspire to be researchers.


Name Department Title of the research
Takayuki Kawashima Statistical Science Robust and sparse regression modeling with application to big data
Tomoyo Iizuka Genetics Genome-wide survey of orthologous in Agaricomycetes indicates possible involvement of spc33 in the parallel evolution of the septal pore cap
Takahiro Kato Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems Biased secondary sex ratio in tree sparrows Passer montanus: Causes and consequences of sex-specific embryo mortality


Name Department Title of research
Kyoko Onishi Astronomical Science Observational study towards black-hole mass:resolving the coevolution process of black hole and galaxy
Yuta Yanoue Statistical Science Analysis and Prediction on Bankloan credit risk


Name Department Title of research
HUANG YU Japanese Literature Chinese classics acceptance and the translation of Tsurezuregusa - for the creation of originality in literature
Shimakawa Rizumu Astronomical Science Environmental effects on galaxy formation: When and how did spiral and elliptical galaxies diverge?
Nakazawa Shingo Genetics To elucidate activity-dependent mechanisms of neuronal circuit development in neonatal mouse barrel cortex