Tuition Exemption

1. Eligibility for Applicants

  1. A student who is unable to pay the tuition due to financial difficulties but are proven to have outstanding academic performance
  2. A student recognized as having other circumstances equivalent to the above

2. Application Procedure for Tuition Exemption
Applicants are required to submit the following documents.

  1. Tuition Exemption Request
  2. Request for Tuition Payment Postponement
  3. Family Status Report
  4. Certificate of Income issued by the municipal office
  5. Part-time Employment Status Report
  6. Copy of Residence Card
  7. Copy of National Insurance Card
  8. Other certificate of income/earnings

3. Application Period

1st semester :end of March
2nd semester :end of September

4. Notes

  1. The collection of the tuition for applicants will be withheld until the result notification.
  2. If application for Tuition Exemption and Tuition Payment Postponement is disapproved, the tuition has to paid immediately.

5. Admission Fee Exemption

Students, who have financial difficulties may be exempted from their admission fee. Please contact Student Affairs Section for more ditails.


SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
Student Affairs Section
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