National Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken 国民健康保険) is a nationwide insurance program funded by policyholder's premiums. Local government offices are in charge of its administration. All international students living in Japan for 3 months or longer (including family members) are required to enroll in this program. By paying a premium and presenting the insurance card, policyholders will only have to bear 30% of the expenses required for medical treatment and/or hospitalization. Family members also enrolled in the program receive a substantial discount. NHI can be applied for at the National Health Insurance Section of your local City/Town Hall.

NHI covers:

An extended range of medical needs, including some types of dental treatment, chronic diseases and childbirth that may not be covered by general overseas travelers' personal accident insurance
Standard tests, e.g. x-rays and blood texts

Required documents:

Residence Card
Certificate of studying period/student registration, or a letter certifying your research schedule
Seal (Inkan; your signature may be accepted)

Those whose income during the previous year is lower than the standard may be eligible for a partial reduction of the premium. Please ask for further details at the National Health Insurance Section of your local City/Town Hall.

Any change in your personal details has to be reported within 14 days, and notice to terminate the policy has to be given before you leave Japan.


  • SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
  • Student Affairs Section
  • TEL: 81-46-858-1526/1527
  • Email: gakusei(at)