Student Support

Health Management

All students are required to take regular health checkups conducted by the departments. If you fall ill and need to be hospitalized, or sustain an injury, please be sure to contact the department office.
Other support regarding health management, please visit the following page.


Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (留学生住宅総合補償制度)

In Japan, a joint guarantor is required when renting a privately-owned apartment. If it is difficult for international students to find a joint guarantor, SOKENDAI can be your joint guarantor on the condition that you satisfy the eligibility of purchasing the insurance run by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) in Japan.
For more details, please visit the following page.
Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan

UR Apartment Lease System

In collaboration with Urban Renaissance (UR) Agency, SOKENDAI offers the corporate housing lease system of UR Apartment for International Students.
For more details, please visit the following page.
UR Apartment Lease System

Other Accommodations

SOKENDAI does not own housing or dormitories for international students. However, international students may be able to stay in the lodging facilities of the department. If you are interested, please contact the department office.
In regard to application for Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) , we will inform you as needed.

Tutor System for International Students

SOKENDAI has a tutor system for newly-enrolled international students offering individual academic and living support. The tutor system is intended to increase international students' learning and their research effectiveness.
Based on the recommendation of academic supervisors for international students, the university selects a tutor mainly from the university's students whose specialized field is related to that of international students.
A tutor can be a private teacher for international students and the first friend of theirs in the university. He/she helps international students not only in their study and research activities, but also in their daily lives such as introducing the facility and its area after their arrivals to Japan, accompanying them to public office, hospital, bank, cellphone company and so on.

Japanese Language Programs

Some of the department offices support newly-admitted international students with Japanese learning programs as long as the programs do not disrupt their specialized studies.
For details, please contact the department office.


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