For MEXT Scholarship Students - Procedures for Receiving Your Scholarship

Steps for Receiving the Scholarship

1. Opening a Postal savings (Yuucho Ginko) account

It is necessary for you to open a postal savings account (ゆうちょ銀行通常貯金口座, Yucho Ginko Tsujo Chokin Koza) under your own name. Please note that we cannot remit the scholarship to any other type of accounts than postal savings account. To open a bank account, please go to the nearest post office to your residence.
Please bring your passport and residence card as personal identification is required when opening a bank account.

* Please make sure that you complete the resident registration (住民登録 Jyumin Toroku) at the municipal office of your area of residence before opening the postal savings account. Otherwise, you cannot open the account.

2. Submitting required documents

You need to submit the following documents to your department office by the deadline. Please be aware that those who fail to submit the required documents by the deadline may not be able to receive the first scholarship within the first month of the scholarship.

  1. Confirmation of Enrollment for MEXT Students form(Zai seki bo:在籍簿)
    - Please sign on the form provided at Department Office.
  2. Copy of your Postal savings passbook
    - The copy should show the account number, the account holder's name in Alphabet and Katakana.
  3. Proxies (Ininjyou:委任状)
    - For JASSO and SOKENDAI
  4. Copy of your Passport showing your basic information
  5. Copy of Residence Card (Both sides)
  6. Boarding pass stub(s) of your flight(s) to Japan

Confirmation of Enrollment

We must confirm your enrollment with your department office for MEXT scholarship by the appointed date of each month.

Please go to your department office at the beginning of every month and sign and date on the designated form. If you cannot do so at the beginning of a month, please inform the department office of such beforehand and sign and date on it by the second deadline of the same month.

The second deadline is set just as a fallback, please try to sign on the form at the beginning of each month as much as possible. For the exact dates of deadline and payment date of each month, please refer to 'Payment schedule of Monbukagakusho Scholarship' distributed by the department office at the beginning of fiscal year.

Proxy Seal Procedures

If the student cannot sign a confirmation of enrollment because the student is away from their home institution from the beginning to the end of the month, the student may use a proxy seal.

A proxy seal is allowed for the student who is going to conduct fieldwork, research, or internship outside of Japan or in remote areas of Japan.

These activities or research must be included in the curriculum or specified in the research plan submitted by the student when applying for MEXT Scholarship, and only if the student cannot complete the course or obtain a degree without these. (The reason the fieldwork is beneficial for writing a thesis is not acceptable.)

If the student wishes to apply for a proxy seal, please contact the Student Affairs Section at least two months before departure from the university.

Please be aware that MEXT will review the application and may not grant approval.

Payment of the Scholarship

Monthly stipend will be remitted to your Postal savings account by electronic transfer each month.

  1. If we can confirm your enrollment by the first deadline of each month, payment shall be made into your postal savings account by the end of the month.
  2. If we fail to confirm your enrollment by the first deadline and can confirm your enrollment by the second deadline, the payment shall be made next month.
As the Student Affairs Section will not inform you about remittance day of your scholarship, please check your postal savings account by yourself every month.


  1. If you stay outside of Japan from the 1st to the end of any given month, the scholarship for the month shall be forfeited. If you are absent from the graduate university for a long time, the monthly scholarship for that period will not be given. It is necessary for you to inform your academic adviser and your department office before your absence.
  2. Japanese Government (MEXT) may change the amount of the stipend because of the budgetary situation of the government every year.
    If we receive such notice from MEXT, we will inform you through your department office.

Permission to Engage in Activities Other Than Those Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted

In case a MEXT Scholarship Student has obtained permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under their status of residence previously granted and is to engage in remunerated part-time work, the student is required to complete the stipulated procedures of the University, to the extent that the work does not interfere with the student’s scholarly activities. For details, please refer to the following Guidelines.

Guidelines for the Engagement of MEXT Scholarship Students in Activities Other Than Those Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted


  • SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
  • Student Affairs Section
  • TEL: 81-46-858-1526/1527
  • Email:gakusei(at)