SOKENDAI Special Researcher (Field-Specific Type) 

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1. Aim

The SOKENDAI Special Researcher Program is designed to foster future leaders in academic research by appointing SOKENDAI students as special researchers and providing financial support to them. A special researcher with outstanding achievements will be offered a two-year research position at the parent institute* upon the completion of their doctoral course.
This program is subsidized by Japan Science and Technology Agency under "the establishment of university fellowships towards the creation of science technology innovation." In addition to financial support, special researchers will be provided with a program to support their research career.

* Parent institute: The Inter-University Research Institute, where their program (department) is located.

2. Fields and corresponding Programs (Departments)

Fields Programs (Departments)
Information and Artificial Intelligence Research on principles and technologies related to information (including statistics), research on artificial intelligence, or research that integrates these two fields ・ Statistical Science
・ Informatics
Large-scale and Advanced Research Research conducted at a large-scale research facility owned by the parent institute or through participation in an international research project in which the parent institute participates. ・ Astronomical Science
・ Fusion Science
・ Accelerator Science
・ Materials Structure Science
・ Particle and Nuclear Physics
・ Polar Science

Note: From the 2023 academic year, SOKENDAI will reorganize our educational organization and shift to 20 programs per faculty. However, students who enrolled before AY2022 will continue to be affiliated with the previous affiliation (6 schools and 20 departments).

3. Requirements for applicants

Applicants are required to meet all of the following conditions as of hiring (An estimation can be made at the time of application). *1

1) They should have been enrolled for 24 to 36 months (exclusive 36 months) in a 5-year doctoral course (excluding transfer students), or have transferred to the third year of the 5-year doctoral course and have been enrolled for less than 12 months. *2
2) They should have not received a scholarship under the government-sponsored international student system, a research grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for special researchers, or any foreign government-financed scholarship.
3) They should not receive stable income such as salary or executive remuneration at a level sufficient to cover living expenses (JPY 2.4 million/year (before tax) or more) from SOKENDAI, a parent institute, or a company. *3

*1 Those who have completed (or are expected to complete) a master's degree course at a university other than SOKENDAI and have passed the third-year transfer examination for a 5-year doctoral course at SOKENDAI are also eligible to apply.
*1 Even if you are expected to meet the qualifications at the time of application, your application may be canceled if you are unable to meet the qualifications due to a leave of absence or other reasons.

*2 Only students who belong to the programs (departments) listed in section "2" can apply.
*2 Students in the long-term course system are not eligible to apply.
*2 The period of a leave of absence (calculated by rounding up to the nearest month) during the doctoral course is not counted within the enrollment period. However, if the total leave of absence is less than six months, it will counted within the enrollment period.

*3 Those who are temporarily employed (part-time job, research assistant, etc.) can apply.

Note: Once you have applied, you will not be eligible for future applications.

4. Period of appointment

3 years

Note: If you complete the doctoral course and obtain a doctoral degree during the period, the appointment will be terminated at the end of month in which you obtain the degree.

5. Scholarship

1) Fellowship (for living expenses)
The amount to be paid for the AY2024 is as follows. Please note that the amount of the fellowship is subject to change.
 JPY190,000 per month
2) Research grant
To support the research plan described in the application form, it is possible to receive a grant for research expenses (up to JPY 220,000 per year).

6.For more information, please refer to the below contents.